Online December 6th, 2022



Meet4Innovate is the event that brings together all the players in the field of innovation in a single day, focusing on three transversal themes. By participating, you are taking a first step towards a lasting digitalisation which requires:

  • To identify your goals.
  • To assess efficiently the best technological offers towards increasing and securing your activity.
  • To meet your future partners, targeted according to your special integration needs.


While some companies are already finalising their digital transformation, others have not yet started.

Digital transformation requires: identifying, integrating, exploiting and finally measuring the impact of the many digital technologies available.

Digital transition support • business development • Decentralised finance • Legal procedures • CMS content management • Cloud fleet management • Telework management • Networking • Networking • Production optimisation • HR management optimisation • CRM • Accounting and forecasting • Payroll management • Project management • Recruitment management • Communication platforms • Next generation intranet platforms • Marketing platforms • No code platforms • Cloud services • Online storage • Online storage • Online storage • Online storage • SEO • Big Data • AI / Machine learning..

Cyber security

The French Republic's assistance and prevention in digital security is formal: cyber-attacks have been steadily increasing since 2021. The stakes are twofold: ensure the cybersecurity of your digital technologies, at a lower price than the benefits they bring you. Innovation and cybersecurity are therefore inseparable.

Audit / Risk Analysis / Rating, LPM compliance / NIS / OIV, GDPR Compliance / Personal Data Protection, Active Cyber Defence / Cyber Deception, DevOps / SecOps, Training / Crisis Exercise / Training / Awareness, Forensics / Malware Analysis, Identity and Access Management (IAM) etc …


As a business, embracing web 3.0 new technologies will not only allow you to improve users’ journeys, build customers’ trust and insight through blockchain technologies, but also innovate through NFT and the metaverse and save your business money.

Indeed, a report published by KPMG documents a growing unease among customers about the company's data collection practices. As stated in another government report about the challenges of blockchain, written by a working group chaired by Joëlle Toledano: "this digital technology allows data to be transmitted in a decentralised, secure, transparent and unmediated manner and appears to be rich in potential".

Web 3.0, NFT, Metaverse, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Why participate?

1 - Benefit from a new meeting concept

  • Discover new technological solutions for your daily business needs
  • Participant profiles that you won't find anywhere else: 70% of decision-makers never go to a trade show!

2 - Optimise your time and investments

  • An R.O.I. ensured by controlled participation fees: no travel or accommodation costs, etc.
  • A human assistance available at all times, on a secured platform.

3 - Make your projects a reality

  • Each participant will rate from 1 to 5 stars the relevance of the meetings they have done.
  • We assist you beyond the event to guarantee a second meeting with leads rated 4 to 5 stars by both parties.

Who participates?

Directors and managers of large groups and other companies (small & medium size companies / Mid-cap):

  • Innovation, Open innovation, R&D, R&T, Purchasing, Tech, Digital marketing, IT, Cyber, looking for innovations, expertise and know-how to identify new partners and make their projects a reality.
  • Technology and service suppliers but also start-ups that have the skills and tools to manage digital transformation.
  • Investors who are looking for innovative projects and companies to invest in.

Suppliers & Start-ups

More than an event, Meet4Innovate is a targeted lead acquisition tool.

  • Meet new prospects
  • Explore new markets
  • Source new areas of application for your innovations
  • Discover new opportunities

Buyers & Investors

Are you looking for innovative technological solutions and alternatives? Devote a few hours of your time to exchange with innovative companies to source new ways for digital transformation.

  • Indicate on your profile your research areas, your technological bricks dedicated to innovation.
  • Interact with your peers.
  • Meet the right experts regarding your needs.
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During the event, you will be able to identify your new partners and realise your projects thanks to an innovative event format... YES, but this requires a preparation beforehand. To optimise your participation, let's meet online on 2 weeks before the event, during the Meet4Innovate PITCH Academy: Take part in an intensive coaching thanks to the organisers' workshops.

  • Receive icebreaking tips
  • Master the art of the Pitch to best present your offer to your interlocutor
  • Take part in practical exercises in relation to a given market