Online December 6th, 2022


Threedee World

Threedee World is a persistent 3D virtual world (metaverse) for companies, brands, events, but also for anyone wishing to access the WEB3 without constraints.
Photorealistic environment, European RGDP compatible server, interactions with avatars, or by video/written chat, and integrated marketplace.


Metsys, a key player in cybersecurity, provides you with all its expertise in order to guarantee the efficiency of your end-to-end defence chain and contribute to the acceleration of your cyber-resilience strategy. Metsys offers you services and solutions to anticipate these risks and implement solid governance at the various entry points of cyber attacks: Identity, Endpoint, Data, Networks, Collaborative tools, Applications. Metsys is involved in the following phases: Consulting & Governance, Analysis, Integration, SOC/Micro SOC Managed Services, Training.


INEVO is a company specialising in process engineering, with expertise in the design, industrialization and optimization of industrial processes. In order to provide support as closely as possible to the needs of the industry and its adaptation to technological and economic changes, INEVO relies on digital solutions that it makes solutions that it makes available to its clients to innovate, accelerate and optimise.